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We provide some of the best available technologies for industrial water treatment. We offer full project support from initial planning and engineering to equipment selection and delivery. Our capacity for problem solving benefits both our customers and the environment.

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FULL PROJECT SUPPORTPlanning, engineering & delivery

We listen, understand, promptly respond and help. Customer service is in our nature. We are there through the entire life cycle handling maintenance, spares, full project support and process optimisation.

Industrial water treatmentExplore Industrial Water Treatment Options

Dealing with food processing wastewaters? Or process water reuse? You name it, we can handle all that and more!

Roxia Plasma Oxidizerâ„¢ is an effective non-thermal plasma technology for industrial water purification.

POWERFUL WATER PURIFICATION TECHNOLOGYParadigm shift in oxidative water treatment

Superb water purification system alternative to ozone, UV and chemical treatment.

Dewatering and Industrial AutomationLooking after Roxia Dewatering and Industrial Automation?

If you are looking for Roxia filtration or industrial automation solutions, please visit

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