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We find the best industrial water treatment solutions for your process.

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Together for Sustainable Development

Our team of wastewater treatment experts is committed to find and set-up environment-friendly processes for water treatment across numerous industries and applications.

Water treatment for food industries

Wastewater fees or meeting emission limits can be challenging for any food processing plant. We help you meet and maintain your target emission levels.

Explore options for process water reuse

Our expert team not only suggest how to reuse your process water, but also designs, delivers and implements the solutions.

Destroy organic pollutants

Organic contaminants such as pharmaceuticals can be tricky to eliminate from the water. Luckily, we have just the technology: non-thermal plasma oxidation scaled up for industrial use!

Introduce aeration to lagoons, ponds and basins

Simply by introducing more oxygen to lagoons or basins, it is possible to quickly get rid of bad odour and improve water quality. Our floating aerators are a great, low-investment solution for most cases.


We help you bring down wastewater costs and fees by environmentally friendly onsite wastewater pretreatment

PROCESS WATER REUSEEliminate Microbes and Reuse Process Water

Our trailblazing plasma technology gets rid of microbes in your process water. You get to reuse it, bring down water consumption and cut the costs.

Waters with organic pollutionsChemical-Free Water Treatment

Organic pollutants such as pharmaceuticals and phenols can be challenging to get out of water. Our solution can remove them by the source – say goodbye to costly end-of-pipe solutions!


Lagoons and ponds often face the challenge of low water quality and bad smell. Aeration might be the solutions to your problem. Check out our low-investment and highly efficient technology!

DEWATERING AND INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATIONLooking after Roxia Dewatering and Industrial Automation Solutions?

If you are looking for Roxia dewatering or industrial automation solutions, please visit www.roxia.com.

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