Performance — driven by people

Improving performance is our mission. We believe in a can-do attitude, mutual trust and respect. We not only think big, but also act big in the pursuit of improved performance and safety for us and all our clients.

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Who we are?

We deliver high-tech environmental technologies. Specializing in mining, minerals, metallurgy, chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries, our team generates best performing solutions for each specific need.

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Company history

Our history goes back to the year 1960 with the establishment of Roxon Oy. The company focused on crushing and conveyor systems especially for the mining, minerals processing and metallurgy industries. After 17 years, in 1977, Roxon was sold and a company called Larox Oy was founded. Larox Oy specialized in manufacturing pressure filters and pinch valves to match those demanding conditions. Already back then, the goal was to deliver complete solutions, not only products.

Later on, pinch valve product line separated to its own company: Larox Flowsys Oy which was in 2011 renamed to Flowrox Oy. Flowrox Oy grew and added lots of products and technologies to its portfolio. Until it became the time to focus. Flowrox Oy’s pump and valve businesses were sold to Neles Finland Oy along with the Flowrox brand. The remaining three businesses were dewatering, environmental technologies and industrial automation. Environmental Technologies was established as its own entity, Roxia Plasma Oy, in 2024.

How we work?

We achieve by working together; together; we help and ask for help. We boldly put our own experience and expertise into our work. Throughout all our processes, we follow our values: People – Passion – Performance.


It is all about the people. We work together as a team, guided by a mutual sense of respect and trust. The best common results come from collaborating closely with our customers and partners. We encourage each other to achieve better performance and together celebrate our success.


Passion drives us to explore the new and achieve our goals. We are guided by a genuine desire to positively affect the environment we operate in. We go above and beyond to serve you and be the best.


Our goal is to elevate our your performance and improve the results. Not only do we deliver the best possible solutions for customers, but we also develop internal processes to ensure excellence in customer service at all times. Best performance within our team is guided by true teamwork. Each team member contributes to achieving common objectives.

What you get?

Every day, companies face demands to achieve greater efficiency, productivity, reliability and maintain ever-higher safety and environmental standards. We combine our expertise and the best available technologies for you to use. Our  environmental technologies bring reliability where it is most needed. We help you to improve your performance and positively affect the results. We go above and beyond to serve you and be the best.

Customer service is in our DNA

We listen, understand, promptly respond and help. Customer service is in our nature. We care about your businesses and keep our promises. The constant development of our capabilities and competences is key to our success. We help where we can, and at our best, we become part of your everyday life.

Contact us

If you have something on your mind, just let us know! We are more than happy to answer all your inquiries.


Lyle Henson

Sales Manager North America

+1 443 695 9510

Pyry Kupias

Technical Product Manager

+358 40 721 8919

Maija Mehto

Technical Account Manager

+358 50 534 3211