Food Processing Wastewaters

  • Fast installation
  • Sustainable development
  • Lower wastewater fees
  • Cost-efficient wastewater handling
  • Minimal infrastructure

Reduce Environmental Impact

Environmental concerns, wastewater fees, or meeting emission limits can be challenging for any food processing plant. To help you out, we have a team of wastewater treatment experts. With innovative solutions, we help you set up environment-friendly processes and improve economic efficiency.

Apply Eco-Friendly Onsite Treatment

  • Pretreat wastewaters onsite before discharge to a public sewer network
  • Remove trouble-making substances like FOG (fats, oils & grease), solids and harmful pollutants
  • Discover opportunities to repurpose material streams from wastewater

Bring Down Wastewater Costs & Fees

  • Significantly improve discharged wastewater quality
  • Reduce emission fees per volume
  • Avoid costly problems from accumulating FOG and solids
  • Prevent penalty fees from exceeding emission limits

Best Available Technology & Associated Emission Levels (BAT-AEL)

  • State-of-the-art technologies for meeting BAT-AELs
  • Proven performance in food processing wastewaters

Strong User Support: Get a Complete Set Up

We understand that water treatment is often not your core business. That is why we also offer setting up the water and wastewater treatment processes. Together we plan the service based on your needs to better handle all day-to-day issues concerning waste streams. And you can concentrate on running and developing your core business.

Our water treatment services for food processing include:

  • Problem solving and consulting
  • Testing and piloting
  • Basic engineering and design of the wastewater process
  • Fast delivery of a wastewater treatment system
  • Process optimisation

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