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Get flexible solutions for industrial wastewater treatment. Together with our partner network, we have access to state-of-the-art technologies and vast expertise in water and wastewater processes.

Our approach starts with a careful study and investigation of onsite options, laboratory and pilot-scale tests and finally full-scale process design and complete solution delivery. Not only do we provide new solutions, but we also offer services to improve existing ones. We also offer continuous support for all our customers to meet and maintain their target emission levels.

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How Can Roxia Plasma Solve Your Problems?

We have a systematic and customer-oriented approach to find the best water and wastewater treatment solutions.

Preliminary assessment

We help define the basic information and collect all technical details. Then we assess the scope of the challenge and conceptualize probable solutions. Through site visits and field testing or laboratory studies, we gain understanding of the onsite opportunities and how the water responds to treatment.

Solution proposal

After the preliminary assessments, Roxia Plasma experts may offer pilot studies, design on flow chart level and estimates on the scope of the likely investment and related operational expenses. Pilot-scale studies of the wastewater are done with a variety of technologies and processes.

Design, delivery & support

After reviewing all information, we conduct a detailed design project for the water treatment system, manufacture and deliver the process. Roxia Plasma offers continuous support to ensure our customers meet and maintain their target emission levels!

Roxia Plasma Oxidizerâ„¢ is an effective non-thermal plasma technology for industrial water purification.

Roxia Plasma OxidizerPowerful Water Purification Technology

Superb water purification system alternative to ozone, UV and chemical treatment.

Roxia Floating Aeratorâ„¢ is a turbine surface aerator for the treatment of industrial and municipal wastewater.

Floating AeratorEfficient Turbine Surface Aerator

Roxia Floating Aeratorâ„¢ efficiently aerates industrial and municipal wastewater at a low cost.

Testing and Piloting ServicesTest Before Going Full-Scale

Run laboratory tests or carry out onsite piloting to find the right chemistry or establish performance indicators for a process.

Roxia Dewatering and Industrial AutomationLooking after Dewatering and Industrial Automation?

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