Testing and Piloting Services

  • Get accurate parameters before going full-scale
  • Establish correct process performance indicators
  • Choose the best option – onsite or laboratory testing

Test Before Scaling Up

In many cases, it is useful to run laboratory tests or carry out onsite piloting to find the right chemistry or establish performance indicators for a process. Industrial wastewaters are often individual in composition and quality. This means that testing can be the best way to get accurate evidence on solution requirements before going bigger and scaling up to the final solution.

Not all water treatment solutions require testing before offering a solution. Aeration for example can be sized with good reliability based on initial site information: see more on Roxia Floating Aerators.

To define what is needed and how to get started, Roxia Plasma Oy professionals are there to help choose the best approach and possible testing practices.

Laboratory-scale testing for smaller volumes

Lab testing is the quickest and cheapest way to get an idea of how a water sample responds to the selected treatment. In some cases, lab tests are enough for sizing the full-scale solution; sometimes it is reasonable to extend to onsite piloting based on the results before going for permanent installation.

Plasma oxidation tests

Plasma oxidation testing gives straightforward information on the required oxidation power to achieve desired results. Generally, the testing is conducted by running a sample in the plasma unit for a given time and taking samples at predetermined intervals. Analysing the relevant parameters from these samples provides removal curves as a function of applied plasma energy. Gathered information serves as applicability and sizing indication.

Plasma oxidizer piloting unit inside a standard container.

Testing requirements

Max 250 W test unit (nominal plasma power)

20 – 40 litres testing volume

Chemical/biological analyses by certified third party laboratories

Results reporting and analysis

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