25th Annual Sales Conference

Flowrox Oy is hosting its annual Sales Conference in Lappeenranta for international representatives of the company. This year the conference participants come from all continents representing 24 different countries. Some of the participants have been visiting Lappeenranta for decades, but for others this is their first experience of the extreme Finnish summer.

25th Annual Sales Conference attracts over 100 industry experts to Lappeenranta

“Flowrox representatives are an important part of the company sales network, as over 80% of Flowrox production is exported. We consider our representatives to be an extension of our Flowrox family. Our annual sales conference is an important networking event and the highlight of the year for us and for many of our representatives,” says Jukka Koskela, CEO & President of Flowrox Oy.

Having a good relationship with our representatives and teambuilding are important. We want to keep our representatives close to us. They are the key to local markets with their local contacts and relationships, which play an important role in our industry. We have over 220 representatives with whom we deliver flow control solutions to over 80 countries. We can truly say that we are globally local.

The Flowrox sales conference is an annual spirit-lifting and networking event. It is a venue where the company’s representatives can participate together in product training events, exchange business experiences and share customer data and knowledge.


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