Aeration helped to cut groundwater CO2 levels almost in half

Customer Haminan Vesi is using groundwater for potable water production. They had a problem with high CO2 content in groundwater which resulted in poor performance of limestone alkalization prior to reverse osmosis. Aeration can strip gases like CO2 out of water and it could be a cost-effective solution. The customer wanted to test how aeration affects the process.

Roxia Floating Aerator minimised the risk of air getting entrained in the pumps

The groundwater is stored in a holding tank roughly 4 m x 5 m in size and 3 m in depth, located indoors inside a pumping station.

The inlets to the pumps are located on the bottom of the holding tank and the customer was concerned about air bubbles being carried to the pumps. A floating aerator was chosen over diffusers because there was no risk of air getting entrained in the pumps.

Aeration was successfully helping the process, facilitating subsequent limestone treatment

One Roxia Floating Aerator 1,5 kW with variable frequency drive was installed in the basin.

As soon as the aerator was commissioned a major effect could be seen and aeration now almost halves the CO2 level in the water, with subsequent limestone treatment now working perfectly. Roxia Floating Aerator was an easy, inexpensive, and efficient way to solve the customer’s challenge!

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