Moving Bridge Conveyor

Autonomous moving bridge conveyor solved a demanding power distribution challenge. Tight cooperation and co-creation together with Roxia, client and machine builder were the key of success in this project.


Stacking large leaching heap


Stacking of nickel ore for secondary leaching. Size of the heap leaching and long distances for power distribution and self-directive of the huge moving machine.


Innovative solution for stacking large leaching heap.
400 m long moving bridge conveyor with 11 crawlers and GPS coordination. Fully automated and GPS coordinated autonomous conveyor bridge with stacking system on top. The moving bridge is 400 m long and includes 11 crawlers.


Together with the client and machine builder, we created an autonomous conveying and stacking vehicle.
We solved a demanding power distribution challenge and delivered a complex control and safety-related matters with state-of-the-art technology.

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