"I aim for successful project deliveries and customer satisfaction."

Aku Sipiläinen, Engineer


I am officially a engineer. My job description includes designing the mechanical side of things such as product development and various device supply projects.


I went to high school and after that I went to study at university of applied sciences. I graduated as a mechanical and production engineer.

Work experience

I´ve been working at Roxia for two years now. Before that, I worked in a similar job for about four and a half years.

The best thing about my job

I think the best thing about my job is that I can implement my own ideas and the wishes of the client. Seeing the results of my own work in practice is something I value a lot.

Career goals

My goal is to develop in my work. I hope my work will continue to bring new challenges.

In my free time

I regularly go to the gym. I play ice hockey in the winter and golf in the summer. I also spend time with my family.

My goals while working at Roxia

I strive to develop our products further to meet even better the requirements of delivery projects and customers.

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