Aeration - No More Bad Odour

Waste management company had a problem with disturbing odour and wintertime freezing of the equalization basin. Roxia Plasma Oy delivered and installed an Aeration System. Since the installation, the odour has disappeared and basin stays ice-free during cold Finnish winters.

Roxia Floating Aerator

Project overview

  • No more odour problem caused by low oxygen level
  • Freezing problem eliminated
  • Improved discharged water quality

Solution for bad odour

Looking to reduce the odour and improve the state of the equalization basin, they reached out to Roxia Plasma Oy.

As a solution, we recommended and later implemented an Aeration System. It consists of five 1,5 kW Roxia Floating Aerators, located in the equalization basin. Since the commissioning of the Aeration System, the odour problems have virtually disappeared. The basin stays ice-free through the winter. Adding oxygen to the equalization basin has also improved the discharged water quality.

Floating Aerators solve the odour problems caused by low oxygen level.

Automated cleaning cycles

Roxia Floating Aerators are integrated into the automation system. Their operation is automated based on ambient temperature measurement. The system also includes an automatic cleaning cycle where the impeller rotation direction is reversed periodically.

Our Customer: EKJH Waste Management Company

EKJH Waste Management Company is located in Lappeenranta, Finland. It is responsible for recycling and utilizing the wastes from 9 surrounding municipalities. In the waste handling facilities landfill leachate is collected in an equalization basin before being pumped to the local municipal wastewater treatment plant.

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