Maintenance and Spares

  • Genuine spare parts
  • Global availability
  • Expert maintenance
  • Full support
  • Professional advice by original equipment designers

Designed to Last

Our Environmental Technologies solutions are designed to last. In the planning stage, we always think about the conditions in which our equipment will be installed. Where we can, we adjust the equipment to extend its lifetime as much as possible.

Another aspect we always review is reliability. We deliver reliable solutions that sustain reliable operation and that is the heart of our Environmental Technologies offering. We are mindful of bringing you peace of mind when using our equipment.

Complete Availability of Spares

The nature of spare parts speaks for itself: eventually, they will reach the end of their intended lifetime. Or an external incident could damage certain spare parts. When this happens, do not worry. We have you covered.

We offer full support and spare part availability to solve any of these situations. We understand how critical the operation of Environmental Technologies equipment can be. The complete spare part portfolio has worldwide availability and a global reach. Our team gets you the spares you need to keep your process running.

Professional Maintenance Support

We understand that wastewater treatment is often not your core business. That is why we also offer full maintenance support carried out by our Environmental Technologies experts. As OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) we are here to help and let you focus on your core business.

  • Full equipment maintenance
  • Maintaining fault-free operation
  • Onsite staff training

Roxia Plasma expert team takes care of your equipment and provides a fault-free operation. We can operate onsite and carry out all the maintenance work. If you would like to assess and implement maintenance with your own team, we also provide full onsite staff training.

Training? Sure!

Our Environmental Technologies equipment already comes with a comprehensive set of maintenance and operation instructions for its entire life cycle. Do you need training? Sure. We train your onsite team to operate and maintain Roxia Plasma’s equipment to keep it in tip-top condition. Additionally, we support you whenever you feel you might need expert advice or just an extra pair of hands.

Top material quality embedded in the latest technology

When we design and manufacture our Environmental Technologies solutions, we keep two things in mind:

High quality

Cutting-edge technology

There are no shortcuts to top-of-the-line equipment. Some of our Environmental Technologies solutions are unique worldwide. They are born from deep scientific research and years of development, therefore we believe only the highest quality materials are good enough.

Roxia Plasma Oxidizer™ is an effective non-thermal plasma technology for industrial water purification.

Cutting-Edge Environmental Technologies

Our Roxia Plasma Oxidizer is a completely unique and innovative water purification technology on a global level. We use cutting-edge technologies that bring a paradigm shift to the water treatment world.

What’s best for you?

Are you not sure which water treatment solution is the best for you? Do not worry. Our team of scientists and original designers are ready to talk with you. Who else is more knowledgeable to give you the insights you need to make the correct decision when it comes to the environmental processes?

Contact us, we always like to have a chat or a more in-depth discussion about Environmental Technologies solutions and how they can improve your economic efficiency.

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Enjoy support: we listen, understand, promptly respond and help optimise your process to the fullest.

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