Introducing the Roxia TP16 Pressure Filter

Today, on December 16th 2022, we proudly present a new pressure filter, the Roxia Tower Press TP16.


Roxia Tower Press™ TP16 is a fully automatic pressure filter excellent for any process that requires efficient solid-liquid separation. It is a reliable production machine that delivers high performance over and over again.

Roxia TP16 has a filtration area from 16m2 to 44m2 and can reach a production of up to 30 tons/h. TP16 is especially targeted for applications, where reliable operations and constant process results are important.

Proven pressure filtration technology provides dry filter cake and low energy consumption. The horizontal plate design of the Roxia TP16 assures optimal cake washing results.

Roxia TP16 is based on the same re-engineered innovations as the Roxia TP60 which was launched last year. TP60 filtration area goes from 48m2 to 156m2 and can produce up to 85 tons/h. All Roxia filters are covered with Roxia’s global Life Cycle Support.

Application Areas

Chemical industries:
GCC, PCC, Talc, Titanium dioxide, Kaolin, Starch, Silicates, Soda ash, Battery metals, REE and Fertilizers

Mining, minerals processing and metallurgy:
Metal concentrates such as Copper, Zinc, Lead, Gold, Silver, Platinum group metals and Molybdenum

Your Benefits

  • Driest filter cake
  • Low energy and water consumption
  • Efficient cake wash
  • Single cloth with fully automatic cake discharge
  • Integrated smart features

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